How do I measure my dog's neck?

For information on sizing and fitting a collar to your dogs neck, please reference our size guide

Are all of your collars adjustable?

Yes they are! All of the collars in our catalog are adjustable and you'll find the sizing specifications listed on each collars page, as of now we offer two sizes for our 1.5" and 2" collars (S and L).

What if the collar doesn't fit?

We recommend that you contact us prior to making a purchase if you are unsure about sizing, even after referencing our size guide. You can contact us through instagram DM (@kaizen.k9) or through email (info@kaizenk9.ca). For information about our policy in regards to returns and exchanges, you can find out more here: returns and exchanges . 

Do you offer any kind of customization on your collars or leashes?

As of now, Kaizen K9 does not offer custom embroidery or vinyl letter printing on our collars. We are actively prototyping a few customization options though and will update all of you that are interested as we have new developments. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to learn more! 

Are your collars good for large dogs and/or strong dogs who pull?

Our collars work great on large breeds and strong dogs alike that tend to pull on their flat collars. If you are concerned about a collar breaking on you due to pulling or a hardware equipment failure, take a look at some of the working environments that our collars are tested and actively used in on our instagram page (@kaizen.k9). We do not recommend, nor suggest using our collars when putting your dog on a tie out, especially when left unattended. Always exercise caution and be weary of your surroundings. 

What is the purpose of the handle on your collars?

Our collars are built with utility and tactical precision in mind. Traditionally a 'handled' collar was primarily used in working/sport dog environments where a handler would need to be able to grab, maintain control, guide and release their canine towards a specific target or subject. In recent years, we have found that our collars come in handy just about EVERYWHERE. Have a large dog that gets the happy tippy taps every time a friends comes over to visit? No problem! Just grab the handle and let them calm down before greeting your guests. Have a bunch of wildlife at the cottage that your dog tends to bolt towards? Bet this collar will help you get a 'handle' on things (see what we did there?). Whether you're training for protection work, out for a stroll in the city or hiking through the country side - the handle on our collars come in handy just about anywhere and everywhere. 

How do I clean my collar and/or leash?

We clean our personal collars with a baby wipe and some good ol' fashioned elbow grease! Don't believe us? Check this video out: How easy is it to clean a Kaizen K9 collar? For scuffs, marks and dirt that seem like they're a little tougher than a baby wipe can handle, we recommend using some mild dishwashing soap and a soft damp rag/cloth to spot clean any places that may need some cleaning. 

I'm worried about scratching the metal finishes on my collar, is the hardware scratch resistant? 

Similar to most metal finishes, the hardware on our collars will wear down with time and use. If you are actively working and enjoying time with your dog(s) you can expect the hardware to develop a patina over time. Some wear on the metal finishes is to be expected over time and is completely normal - some of our clients actually prefer the look of the hardware once it has some mileage on it! 

Where do you ship from?

We ship from locations all across the Toronto, Ontario (Canada) areas. We do not have an option for pickup at this time, but you can shop our retail locations via our retailers page.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The time your package takes to arrive varies by your geographic location. We ship with various couriers, primarily Canada Post, USPS and UPS. You should be provided with a rough estimate of shipping timeline when checking out and selecting your shipping option and your tracking number will be able to give the best estimate following a purchase! We aim to package and ship our collars within 24-48 hours of receiving online orders.  

What do I do if my package says delivered, but I didn't actually receive it?

Please contact your local post office to make sure that your item is not being held for pickup. If the package is not being held for pickup, your next step should be to contact the courier that your tracking number traces back to (ex. Canada Post, USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) and open an investigation. Once you have opened an investigation, please email us with your KK9 order number, the couriers investigation number and the tracking information, at which point we can follow up from our side. 

Refunds for missing deliveries are provided to us by the courier(s) and then we provide them directly to you. Unfortunately this can sometimes take a few weeks, and we ask for your patience should a situation like this arise. We understand your frustration and apologize sincerely should this happen to you, we base our timeline for refunds on the refund timeline provided to us by the couriers. 

Do you have any shipping restrictions? 

We ship around the world! Simply enter your mailing address when going through the check out process for an indication of estimated timeline and cost for delivery. 

Kaizenk9.ca says you don't deliver to my location but I REALLY want your gear, what do I do?

Contact us at info@kaizenk9.ca if your country is exempted from our shipping locations and we will investigate on our end to find a solution!