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Fire Red - KK9 Tactical Collar V4 (1.5" and 2")

Fire Red - KK9 Tactical Collar V4 (1.5" and 2")

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The infamous KK9 tactical collar. What began the journey for us at Kaizen K9 and truly defined what continuous improvement means to us as a company. Although this is named "V4" this is the first official version we've ever released to the public. V1, V2 and V3 were tested rigorously through the Canadian Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with tweaks being made to design, materials, manufacturing process and strength tolerances...all of which brought us to V4 of this beautiful collar. 

Built tough thanks to a middle layer of nylon webbing, neoprene lined on the inside so that it is gentle on your dog's neck, with a PU leather outer shell that is soft to the touch yet durable and easy to clean, the KK9 Tactical Collar was designed with both dog and handler in mind. Your dog should have no issue having this collar on through the entirety of their day. Get it wet, get it covered in mud, forget it outside - no problem, just wipe it down and carry on! 

Offered in 2" and 1.5" width variations along with sizing variations for dogs of all sizes. 8 color options to express how your canine companion is feeling...or to match your car, shoes or purse!

Size Information:

  • 1.5" Collar =  17-23” Circumference 
  • 2" Collar = 19-26” Circumference 


Please note - some finishes may be slightly different than in pictures. New collar runs will have Kaizen K9 logo in brown leather instead of black leather. 


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