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Kaizen K9

Stealth - KK9 Elemental Leash (6 Foot)

Stealth - KK9 Elemental Leash (6 Foot)

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The KK9 Elemental Leash is meant to serve the purpose of being your everyday leash. Whether out for a walk around the block, training inside the house or preparing for a sporting competition, you'll find that this leash feels right at home in the grasp of your hand. 

Made of a thick, high quality PVC (a synthetic rubber) that is durable yet light and easy to clean, this leash will serve as a great replacement as your leash for daily use. No need to worry about getting it dirty and smelly like the other leashes you may be used to, a wipe down will have it looking good as new!

The KK9 Elemental Leash comes with a 'Frog' style clip for quick connect and release to and from leashes, harnesses, etc. as well as a gunmetal D-ring near the handle for any accessories or attachments you may want to connect to the leash. 

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